House of the Good Shepherd's program is based on our belief in the dignity of each person.


House of the Good Shepherd specializes in returning dignity and function to people whose lives are limited by homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, lack of education, unhealthy living conditions and especially the debilitating trauma and isolation of domestic violence. 

To address these inequities, House of the Good Shepherd incorporates a wide range of services with specialists focusing their expertise on the different challenges a survivor of domestic violence might face,

At House of the Good Shepherd we pull together varied talents in ways that our clients can personalize and use each day. House of the Good Shepherd is part of a neighborhood that is providing housing, a respite from economic concerns and a safe environment for women and their children to heal in psychological terms. It is a trauma-informed setting and culturally sensitive to their needs.

Unique to Chicago in many ways, We offer a more comprehensive, curative program over and above immediate, short-term safety. In addition to meeting urgent security needs, House of the Good Shepherd's intensive recovery program: 1) promotes healing and recovery for the mothers and children we serve, 2) enables the women to develop independence and self-sufficiency, and 3) empowers the women to break the cycle of abuse.

Our residents tell us their goals, and we help them get there. Our recovery programs enable participants to:              1) identify the danger they face with their abusers;                                                                                                          2) understand root causes of their own individual situations,                                                                                           3) create a safety plan for themselves and their children including identification, school and health records;                  4) adapt behaviors to diffuse potential violence; and 5) compile a list of emergency community contacts.