“I moved from shelter to shelter, four separate times before I was accepted into the House of the Good Shepherd’s healing program. House of the Good Shepherd gave me their love, care, guidance and support. I was treated as a human being in need of help − not as a disease or a disorder.”

 - A former resident who successfully completed the program                     


House of the Good Shepherd is an independent 501(c)(3) corporation. Of greatest significance, our funding has and will continue to be based on the merits of our programs. We are funded entirely by donations from private sources such as foundations, corporations, organizations, and individuals. We are not supported by the United Way, the Catholic Church, or any federal, state, or local government. Our independent status enables House of the Good Shepherd to tailor programs suited to the individual needs of each family we serve, without being restricted to the limitations of a restrictive “one size fits all” approach. 

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Recurring donations are a convenient way to make monthly, quarterly or yearly contributions to House of the Good Shepherd.  

They are easier on your monthly budget and help the House with expenses throughout the year. 

If you select "I want to make a recurring donation", you will be registering to make a credit card donation every month, 3 months, or year. After you complete this initial donation, future donations will be made automatically. For example, if you choose to make a recurring monthly donation of $10.00, your next donation of $10.00 will be automatically charged to your account one month from today.

You will receive an email receipt for each recurring donation with a link to the site where you can log in and change your donation options (amount, frequency, billing information, etc.) at any time. Of course, you will also be able to cancel your recurring donation at any point in the future.


The staff, Sisters and families of House of the Good Shepherd will be honored to pray for your loved ones who have passed away. If you wish to send a memorial donation, you may include the name of a bereaved family member so they may receive a card from us offering our condolences, assuring them of our prayers, and informing them of your donation (amount not disclosed).

Donations may also be made in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, in which case we are happy to send a celebratory card to the honorary recipient, offering our prayers in their honor and informing them of your donation (amount not disclosed).


House of the Good Shepherd is occasionally blessed with thoughtful gifts from estates and bequests of generous supporters who have passed on. If you have questions about including House of the Good Shepherd in your will, please contact Nancy Haws at 312.655.7348. Thank you for keeping House of the Good Shepherd in your plans for the future.

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$5,000 supports 30 days in our Economic Development Center, where women develop financial literacy, work skills and job search techniques to use as they move toward self-sustaining economic independence.

$5,000 sponsors a child for three months.

$2,500 pays for daily bilingual classes in domestic violence, positive parenting and wellness during the healing and recovery segment of our residential program.

$1,200 funds six Aftercare sessions, where former residents receive support to maintain a violence-free life.

$750 is the average total cost of weekly counseling sessions for our Spanish-speaking residents during their stay at the House of the Good Shepherd.

$500 sponsors a child for one week with the gift of educational, therapeutic and mentoring activities in an enriching environment.

$250 pays for 20 hours of child care making it possible for mothers to attend classes and find employment. employment.

$100 pays for one domestic violence class and one support group.